Clients can expect more than simple execution. Our holistic approach means we take the time to get to know your culture and organisation, so we can align our talent attraction model with the strategic goals of your organisation.



Choosing a retained search with GTP grants our clients the advantage of exclusivity when engaging with candidates. This elevated level of exclusivity significantly enhances the client's ability to secure top-tier talent through successful employment agreements. By prioritising quality over quantity and speed, our retained search approach ensures that we are aligned economically to deliver additional advisory value.



At GTP, we understand that urgent situations call for immediate access to exceptional domain expert recruitment specialists. While our DNA is rooted in fostering long-term partnerships, we also cater to organisations in need of swift solutions. Our contingent services provide timely and efficient recruitment support, ensuring you have access to the best-in-class talent needed to meet your pressing demands.



Our Recruitment as a Service model offers a cost-effective solution for clients with ongoing hiring needs during extended growth periods. With GTP's RAAS, you gain access to a dedicated resource that supports your human resources team, saving you time and accommodating your specific requirements. Our team brings expertise and valuable relationships to the table, aligning our services with your internal goals.

We work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that ensure your annual resourcing requirements are met. The fixed monthly fee reflects the desired volume and level of expertise needed. By taking a longer-term partnership approach to human capital resourcing, GTS ensures a deep understanding of your specific needs, including skills and cultural fit. This approach enables us to provide the most effective and customised solutions.

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